• FlorCert Florist E-learn book


    Florist E-learn book, and quality insurance in secondary florist studies by using FlorCert as a tool. (30.12.2016 – 30.03.2019)

    FlorCert is an international project in which several activities are carried out. Its main objective is to raise the level of professional skills of the secondary school level florists and to unify fundamental knowledge. Comparability of the floricultural knowledge in different countries is invaluable as obtaining of internationally comparable knowledge opens the door to employability. When students obtain an internationally recognised certificate, they are certified to have achieved high international standards in their education, so they can easily get a job abroad because employers know what level of knowledge can be expected from such employees. With the establishment of FlorCert this idea is being brought to life.

    Aim for Florist E-Learn book

    We have discovered that there is a need to develop material for teachers and students to make it easier to communicate and also to make the availability of education more flexible. We like to base the project in two big areas. One is more process based and stresses the development in the organization when it comes to quality assurance, methodology and education. The other part is a concrete e-learning platform for teachers and students. We have discovered that a e-learning platform and e-book will help communication between teachers and students and make the education more flexible, this will be innovative and complementary in the florist schools. By designing a floristic e-book we make sure that the quality in the florist education will be more equal and the way to the final exam is comparable and transparent. It also help the students to communicate with students in other countries and prepare them for work in a European context.

    Certification and recognition of knowledge in line with European Reference Tools EQF and ECVET. With the tool FlorCert Exam.

    This will further help and clarify the need of both key competencies and professional skills and further make the education more transparent and get the students to know students from other countries by taking part in different e-learning tasks and workshops in the different partner countries. The Florist E-learn book activities will be constructed so there is material on both teacher-and student level and some material will also be available for shops. To have a common e-learning platform connected to different European schools is unique and in a long term will have a great impact. It will make it possible to have student mobilities in direct connection to the curricula.

    The President of FlorCert, Mikael Sörensson, is also the President of Swedish Florist Association Floristernas Yrkesråd FYR. 
    Six countries is involved in this project: Sweden, Finland, Italy, Croatia, Slovakia and Slovenia. Participation in the project is beneficial for all partners. The project supports and stimulates a high-quality education; it is also an opportunity for both teachers and students to exchange valuable experience. As this is  considered to be an international project, mobility is a priority task of partners; that’s how the level of intercultural dialogue and knowledge of foreign languages​​, especially English, can be raised. Participants with mobility experience gain additional know-how, which enhances their flexibility in the labour market. Each year, examination themes are changed with cooperation of all partners involved in the project. Students had to use at least three different techniques of making floral decorations. Their work was then presented in English. All candidates had to meet high standards of commission in which participated members from Finland, Sweden, Italy, Croatia, Slovakia and Slovenia. All candidates passed the exam and acquired FlorCert certificate.

    Go to followed link to get a account for try out the FlorCert Florist E-Learn book: https://goo.gl/ZmbfJQ

    FlorCert Florist E-learn books partners:

      1. Floristernas Yrkesråd, Sweden (FYR) FlorCert coordinator in Sweden CEO Mikael Sörensson. mail: info(2)florcert.eu
      2. Biotehniški center Naklo, Slovenia (BC), Sabina Segula
      3. Stredná Odborná Škola Pruské, Slovakia (SOS), Alena Stopkova 
      4. Kainuu Vocational College, Finland (KAO), Katja Moilanen and Tiina Tuminen
      5. SŠ “Arboretum Opeka” Marčan, Croatia (AO); Blanka Pazman
      6. Associazione Tradizione e Cultura, Italy (TaCA), Silvia Romagnoli



Florist E-Learn books Platform has several languages as a basis. The florist teaching material is written in 7 languages: English, Italian, Swedish, Croatian, Finnish, Slovenian, Slovak. In other words you will have classmates from all over Europe.

Online Study

You, as intended to become a florist and cannot be in education far from home in whole semesters, You can now do your education from home in your home municipality. Florist E-Learn book makes it possible to combine your florist training with internship in the flower shop, together with your school teacher who follows your development into to be a educated florist.

Community Support

This is an opportunity for members to join! If you are involved in florist education in upper secondary level and are interested in quality insurance of the education and certification for the students and a network that enable mobility for teachers and students, FlorCert Florist E-Learn book is for your school!

Responsive Design

You can use all types of computers, Ipads and smartphones in your training. It can also be noted that a good network or wifi makes your experience of FlorCert Florist E-Learn book as good as possible to Florist. In short, you will also be able to participate in distance learning, but this requires a good contact with the internet network.